Teamrock Online: Rebellion review

Last week, I went to Rebellion punk festival in Blackpool for the very first time. It was brilliant so I wrote about some of the highlights for Teamrock Online.

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Goth blogs, my first book cover and DMs!

Just taking a quick breather from writing my next (top secret!) book to share some news.

A while ago, I was approached by the best-selling author Martin Roach about being on the cover of a new book on oral histories called Tribe: Made in Britain: A Personal History of British Subculture. I’m excited to say it’s out now and it’s my very first book cover! I’m really looking forward to sitting down to read it.

Martin also interviewed me for his  Dr. Martens: A History of Rebellious Self-Expression book, which is all about the famous shoe brand. A friend has just told me that’s out now so I can’t wait to read that as well!

And that’s not all because I’ve written a blog for the alternative fashion store Kate’s Clothing as well. It focuses on my previous two goth books (Worldwide Gothic and The Art Of Gothic) which you can now order direct from their online shop 🙂

Here’s a teaser:

“I’ve been drawn to goth for as long as I can remember. I’ve always loved the music and imagery associated with it and I even ran my own goth ‘zine called meltdown back in the early ‘00s. I always dreamed that one day, I would be able to pour that passion into a book and now I’ve written two on the subject!

Goth music and fashion has changed so much over the years. We’ve gone from post-punk to steampunk via cybergoth and Gothic Lolita – it’s no wonder that people still want to know, ‘What is goth?’ And we’re still arguing over the answer!”

You can read the full entry on the Kate’s Clothing website


Metal Hammer:10 years after Nightwish, Tarja Turunen is stronger than ever

Ex-Nightwish singer Tarja Turunen is proving her critics wrong with a pair of new solo albums

tarja“The whole thing was such a shock, because it came out of nowhere – I never expected anything like that, and neither did my husband,” says Tarja Turunen, talking to us on the phone from Berlin. She is remembering the moment, a decade ago, when she was publicly sacked from symphonic metal giants Nightwish. “The Earth was shaking, everything was shaking, and we were both crying for two weeks.”

It’s 9am in Germany, and the Finnish singer is on the first day of the promotional campaign for her two new solo albums – The Shadow Self and its shorter ‘prequel’, The Brightest Void. She arrived in Europe yesterday evening after a 13-hour flight from the Caribbean, where she, her husband-manager Marcelo Cabuli and their three-year-old daughter Naomi are living. Life for the exiled frontwoman is a world away from what it once was, and she’s now the most in-demand female singer in her homeland.

“Being in Nightwish will always remain a big part of my life,” she reflects. “It was important, and it gave me a chance to be a solo artist and have a career on my own, since I never wrote any songs with the band.”

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Review: Manic Panic Ltd Edition Nail Polish!

Anyone who knows me, knows that I adore the cosmetics brand Manic Panic. I first discovered them in the mid-90s, after a recommendation from an American friend and fell in love with their amazing colours and animal-friendly philosophy. Twenty-plus years later, I still swear by their make-up, hair dyes and accessories!

Recently, Manic Panic have expanded their range to include pastel hair colours, new lipsticks and 20 brand new limited edition nail polishes, or Claw Colors as they call them. I was sent three different shades to try and thought I would write up my experiences.

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Metal Hammer Online: Tarja Turunen’s Guide To Life

The original Nightwish vocalist Tarja airs her thoughts on everything from James Bond to Inter Milan

As Nightwish’s first female vocalist, Tarja Turunen set the bar high for those who followed. After her very public dismissal in 2005, she launched a successful solo career and has never looked back – the singer has even been presented with her very own emoji by The Finnish Ministry for Foreign Affairs! She’s now about to release not one but two new studio albums – a ‘prequel’ called The Brightest Voidon June 3 and The Shadow Self on August 5. But what drives the real Tarja?

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Metal Hammer Online: 10 ways to get your goth on for World Goth Day

How will you celebrate the international day of goth?

It’s time to ‘get your goth on’ for World Goth Day! Now in its sixth year, the annual celebration of all things goth takes place on May 22 and goths around the world are ready for the occasion. Here are 10 ways you can pledge your allegiance to the dark side!
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