Gothic clothing and accessories mini-haul!

Surely I can’t be the only person who was surprised to learn that it’ll be October in just over 24 hours time (in the UK, anyway!)? I have no idea where the year has gone! I was convinced my last blog was only a few weeks ago but apparently it was a little longer than that…

The autumn equinox has been and gone, which means we’re fast approaching my favourite holiday: Halloween. Not that my room looks any different from normal, although perhaps there are a few new additions on the walls and in my wardrobe. And that’s what this post is about. I’ve been sent some really amazing items recently and I wanted to share some of my favourites.

Vampira T-shirt by Kreepsville 666. Photo by Taya Uddin.

Vampira T-shirt by Kreepsville 666. Photo by Taya Uddin.

Let’s start with the main image. It was taken by the amazingly talented Taya Uddin and shows me wearing my new favourite Kreepsville 666 Vampira Web Heart T-Shirt. It’s a fitted, off-the-shoulder top with an officially licensed front print of the horror movie host of the front. The fit is fantastic and the design is accented by silver glitter, which has admittedly faded with washing (and I always hand wash my printed tees). I really love Kreepsville’s spooky designs and I especially love their women’s range of clothing, which is always cut to flatter and designed from the heart. I’ve worn this top a lot, including to several book signing events and the main print is still going strong despite the lack of glitter. I had a sneak peek of some their new creations earlier in the month at the LondonEdge trade show and can’t wait for them to come out.

Kreepsville Vampira Bag Although not pictured, I also got sent the matching Vampira Casket Climber Tote Bag, which is amazingly cute. It’s a thick canvas bag that fastens with a magnetic snap and has a small zip-up compartment inside. The print is slightly shiny and isn’t quite up to Kreepsville standards but I love the design and it’s been very useful over the summer months. Sadly it’s not waterproof so I haven’t used it as much as I would have liked to.

Back to the main photo, the bat necklace I’m wearing in is a discontinued design from Alchemy and my make up is from Manic Panic. My hair is streaked with their Enchanted Forest hair colour – my absolute favourite shade of green – and I’m wearing Violet Night lipstick with a layer of Deadly from their Creature Of The Night boutique range over the top. I’m really into the new Lethal Lipsticks – the colours are really unusual and, as always, everything in the collection, they’re tested on rock stars not animals!

Banned Gothic Bat Bag from Kate's ClothingOn a more autumnal note, I got sent this amazing new Gothic Bat Bag from Kate’s Clothing. It’s made by Banned from leather-look PVC and has cute purple cobwebs and bats embroidered all over it. It doesn’t look very big from the picture but it’s deceptively roomy and has two additional zip-up pockets, one outside and one inside. Unlike a lot of alternative fashion bags, this one fastens with a zip, seems to be water resistant and the handles are long enough to be worn as a shoulder bag. I’m really looking forward to taking this one out ‘on the road’ during my next batch of book signings.

Burleska Scarlet corset and Alchemy skeleton hand hairslide. Photo by Taya Uddin.

Burleska Scarlet corset and Alchemy skeleton hand hairslide. Photo by Taya Uddin.

Now, I have a confession to make: writing books is really bad for your figure! This means I’ve been on the look-out for a new corset and in this photo, I’m wearing Burleska’s Scarlet underbust steel boned corset in black PVC. It’s got traditional lacing at the back and also features two rows of decorative lacing at the sides. It looked really cool in the package but unfortunately the PVC was quite dull, despite me layering on the silicone spray before the shoot. The fit wasn’t great either; it dug right into my hip bone and was quite uncomfortable so I wasn’t able to keep it on for very long. I chose this particular style because I’m short and I thought it would fit me better than a full corset but I think I’ll stick to waspies in future! It’s a shame because it looked really nice on the website. Oh well.

In the photo, I’m also wearing an Alchemy Get A Grip hairslide which I fell in love with the moment I saw it. Made from Fine English Pewter to the highest specifications, it’s really good quality and holds just the right amount of hair without sliding out like some grips. My hair colour and make up are from Manic Panic, as before.

A massive thank you to all the retailers who sent me such cool items.

What will you be wearing this autumn? And what are your favourite new pieces?


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