Bonjour Paris, encore!

Just under 48 hours ago, I was sat outside a bistro in Paris chatting with Nick Cave’s PR, PJ Harvey’s manager and Nico’s biographer – it certainly wasn’t the way I thought I’d be ending my York book signing!

Rewind to Friday afternoon, just as I was about to leave London for the North of England, I got a call from an editor asking if I’d be free on Monday to hop on the Eurostar to the French capital to review a gig. Now let me think… yes please! It meant leaving York a few hours earlier than expected but it was most certainly worth it. The gig was mesmerising and the tales I was later privvy to were unrepeatable – the only downside was that it was so fleeting and I was back on the train the following day. It was quite a contrast to me sitting behind a table in York’s grand St Margaret’s Church signing copies of my book ‘Worldwide Gothic’!

They say a change is as good as a rest and my double jaunt has filled my brain with a myriad of new ideas, all bubbling through my mind and flowing from my fingertips. Today, I’m back at my computer in more familiar surroundings crafting that review, having done all those necessary but mundane things like the laundry and sales paperwork for my publisher! I have more writing planned over the next few weeks with a brief respite this Friday when I’ll be guest DJ at the Electric Ballroom in Camden. Looking at my schedule, the next few months are shaping up to be very interesting indeed!


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