The Traveller


Oh, dear WordPress, please forgive me for neglecting you so but for the last month, I appear to have been mostly living out of a suitcase. I now have a brief respite in which I can unpack and do some much-needed laundry!

A few weeks ago, I embarked on my first foreign trip of the year and indeed my first jaunt on the Eurostar, which was a most pleasant way to travel. Photographer extraordinaire Tina K and I were dispatched to Paris to cover a story on the Finnish metal band Nightwish for Prog Magazine (see the photo above) and very nearly ended up being “kidnapped” by their tour manager to cover the rest of their European dates!

I’ve known both Tina and Nightwish for many years so it was a great job, made even more memorable by the band’s guest musician Troy Donockley – a former member of the Magic Circle who doubled up as their ‘on the road’ magician. The weather may have been a bit pants but the atmosphere backstage was relaxed and their live show (at the Bercy sports stadium) was truly breath-taking. During the folkish ballad ‘The Islander’, the audience were encouraged to hold up their lighters and phones to illuminate the area – my amateur photography does little to illustrate the inspiring effect! For the full story, keep your eyes on the news stands for the next issue of Prog magazine ( , which is out on 23 May. And check out Tina’s work at

My current crop of commissions are a little more local but give me a week or so and I’m sure I’ll be itching to drag my suitcase back out again!


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