Limbo Dancing

ImageRight now, I’m in that terribly frustrating period called Limbo. Don’t get me wrong, there are lots of exciting things in the works but red tape prevents me from speaking (or writing) about any of them. It’s like when you read an interview with a rock star or an actor and they give that standard cop-out line: “I’m not allowed to talk about it!” GAH! Well that’s me now.

This afternoon, I was exchanging some really exciting emails about something that might be happening later in the year but can I tell you? Heck, can I! it’s just as frustrating not to be able to give you any more information about my forthcoming second book. But they say the best things come to those who wait so practice your squealing now!

In the meantime, I shall just have to blog about Other Stuff. Let’s see… aside from the dull end of year paperwork, I’ve been trying to get through my huge inbox of promo CDs. I’ve been so busy with my writing recently that I’ve been neglecting it somewhat and as I’ve got a guest DJ slot at Camden’s Electric Ballroom this Friday, I felt it was high time I attacked the box. It’s really quite exciting to unearth undiscovered gems and work out how I can pitch them to various music editors – I’m also looking into doing some podcasts so I can share these gems with you all. The perfect accompaniment to all this is a nice cup of tea. I have to admit, I’m rather partial to Yogi Tea and have several boxes on the go at the moment – I’m alternating between Choco, Classic Cinnamon, Roiboos Spice and Ginseng, for when I’m flagging a bit. I adore the flavour combinations but I simply can’t help myself from reading the little “fortune cookie” style motos that are included on each teabag string. Today’s words of wisdom are above (Please do excuse the messy desk, that’s next on my To Do list!) I find these random little motos so inspirational that I keep wondering whether I should simply use them as blogging subjects… but I am a little concerned I might inadvertantly give away something I’m not supposed to!

Time is pressing on and my solar-powered fairy lights have just flicked on so I suspect that’s my cue to get back to wading through the Music Inbox.. and continue scheming things that I’m not allowed to talk about!


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