Time flies

They say time speeds up the older you get so I’m currently finding the rate at which it’s whizzing past rather disturbing! I was reviewing in the West End  last night and was quite startled when a colleague told me that the clocks go forward this weekend. I swear my mind is still stuck in last November, which is when I begun my last intenstive period of book writing!

Time is a strange animal and today is the vernal equinox so I’m all psyched up to finally bring myself out of winter and into the spring! I’m honestly not sure where the last five months have gone – other than being absorbed into my creative output – but I’m very aware that I haven’t done any proper travelling for almost a year. I’m currently negotiating some overseas business trips, which are always a lovely way to get out of London without feeling guilty about taking any time off my writing. I do find that getting out of the normal routine is often enough to blow away lingering cobwebs and recharge those creative batteries. Afterall, everyone needs a break once in a while whether it’s an annual vacation or a fleeting visit to another country to soak up a little culture and entertainment.

The other week I had a block of Skype interviews to bands abroad. I think it’s probably reasonable to say this helped to fuel my desires to hop across the Channel in search of some different scenery. We’ve had so many gloomy days in London recently that I’m making the most of every bit of sunlight we get but somehow the sun seems more appealing after a long journey. Yet today I read a friend’s post on Facebook that reminds me some countries in the Northern Hemisphere have almost 24 hours of daylight – that’s probably a bit too much for my liking although I am definitely suffering from Nordic withdrawal symptoms.

I’m reminded again of my New Year’s Resolution for 2012 – oddly enough it feels much longer than three months ago that I promised myself I’d keep a regular blog – and how it feels like yesterday that London’s 2012 Olympics were announced. It was actually just a few months shy of seven years ago. Seven years ago?! I remember retrieving information from the news wires for a radio bulletin I was about to read and how that excitement turned to panic less than 24 hours later with the London bombings. Was it really that long ago? I just can’t believe it.

I do feel so incredibly old asking where the time has gone but it certainly flies by, especially when you’re busy writing!


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