Queening around

Oh dearie me, I really have been neglecting this blog – not a very good start to my new year’s resolution!

My second book is now finished – I just need to let the dust settle so I can go back to re-read it but in the meantime,  I thought I’d hop on here and write about a little news piece that recently caught my eye.

We’re fast approaching rock festival season – a time of year when I check out line ups and choose which ones I fancy reviewing. Last Monday, more bands were announced for the festival franchise Sonisphere . It’s held in several global locations but it was the UK one at Knebworth that I rather fancied doing because of an impressive list of names, which include Queen. My mother has been a massive Queen fan since she first saw them at Reading University circa 1976 so they featured rather heavily in my musical diet during childhood and I’ve always been rather curious to see them live.

I was still at school when Freddie Mercury passed away and I remember writing an essay in my English class expressing disappointment that I had never had the opportunity to see them perform live. My English teacher didn’t really understand why I was so gutted about this and it’s a little hard to explain to anyone who doesn’t feel music the way I do but I’ve still got that yearning.

I remember several years ago when Paul Rogers from Free was announced as Queen’s touring singer and I felt then that they had missed a more obvious choice. Rogers is a great frontman but he’s no Freddie Mercury and I recall a heated debate down the pub about who they should have picked. In my mind, there was only really one answer: Robbie Williams. Now I know this might sound a bit odd but really if you think about it the occasional Take That vocalist has got that rather fine balance of camp and red-hot sexuality that Mercury exuded not to mention a mighty pair of lungs that can wrap their way just as easily around emotional ballads as they can around rock anthems. He even went as far as proving his worth by covering ‘We Are The Champions’ on 2001’s ‘A Knight’s Tale’ but alas he was never chosen, despite rumours of talks at the time. I am still gutted because I’d have loved to have seen this collaboration live.

This Sonisphere however, we’ll be treated to the vocal talents of American singer Adam Lambert. Not being an avid viewer of American Idol, I needed to do a spot of web searching to find out more about the show’s runner-up. There’s already been a fair amount of criticism about his tender years but he’s certainly a performer who loves his crowd and isn’t afraid of getting dressed up so maybe he can pull it off. Whether he has the right vocal range and a convincing enough delivery remains to be seen but I’m itching to finally be able to fulfil an ambition of watching at least 3/4 of the band that provided some of the soundtrack to my childhood. Roll on Sonisphere!

Adam Lambert video for ‘If I Had You’:


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