New Year’s Resolutions

I don’t make New Year’s Resolutions.

But this year I made an exception.

 I decided it was high time I joined the scores of other writers and started keeping a regular blog. Why did I suddenly decide to make this decision? Well to be honest, it’s something I’ve been considering for some time but the interviews I did for my first book ‘Worldwide Gothic’ made me realise that not many people actually knew much about me aside from the odd bits of self-promotional bumf that are scattered around the edges of the internet! I’ve heard all sorts of strange rumours about myself over the years so I suppose this is a sort of way of setting some kind of record straight!

 Why not do it before? Well, actually I have written blogs in the past but I’ve got into the terrible habit of not updating them so here I go with my first blog that I’m going to try to update several times a week!

Here goes!


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